Strangeness - Video by Luís Filipe Cunha

Strangeness - Greta Aagre & Erik Honoré (HD Version) on Vimeo.

(NB: A lower resolution version can be found HERE if you have problems with the HD version - although it's worth waiting for the HD version to buffer, both for the quality of the images and of the sound)

Portuguese artist Luís Filipe Cunha has made this evocative video for Greta Aagre/Erik Honoré's song Strangeness.


The song is taken from Year of the Bullet - an album of multilayered writing, gentle lyricism and moody soundscapes that has already caught the attention of international names like David Sylvian, who contributed essential advice during the final stages of the recording process. See info on where to buy the album.


"The sonic rush that starts from the opener, Birth Mark, and ends with the last song Home, offers a delicate combination of flickering atmospheres, subtle orchestrations and intricate imagery. Across these 11 songs there isn't one weak or unnecessary moment to be found." – Nenad Georgievski, All About Jazz."Greta Aagre sings with a maturity and presence that we very seldom get to experience. When the production also gives her the perfect surroundings, this album becomes somewhat of an epiphany. Her expression and Honoré and company’s music draws the listener to the edge of the chair – you don’t want to miss anything." –Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen (5/6)"Greta Aagre and Erik Honoré occupy their own niche in Norwegian music." – Arild R. Andersen, Aftenposten

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