Review of Aagre/Honoré Live @ Punkt 2012 by Ola Opsvik (

As a backdrop for Aagre’s voice, that shifts between assertedness and subtlety, Honoré produced fine rhythms and beautiful sonic landscapes that can be recognized in many of the other projects he is involved in. The Punkt Festival audience got to experience a tight band that delivered a solid and distinct expression. The result was a fantastically beautiful concert.

– Ola Opsvik,

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Review of Aagre/Honoré Live by Henning Bolte (Written In Music)

It remains a wonder how Honoré with his fellow musicians manage to convey the delicate sound of Year Of The Bullet in a live setting. This is only possible with a team of musicians who have the necessary skills and openness to the kind of processes that are needed. Impressive and high quality music!

– Henning Bolte, Written In Music (The Netherlands)

posted by ERIK & GRETA  September 19, 2012 18:36  Live Reviews  comments (0)

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